Maihueniopsis molfinoi

This species was described by Spegazzini in 1925. The type location is near Santa Catalina, Jujuy, AR at 3650 m. The drawing that was added to the description is so unfortunate that the species had difficulties to be accepted. For quite a long time these plants were also called Maihueniopsis glomerata.

Maihueniopsis molfinoi SAR 13742, north of Santa Catalina near Cerro Condor, Jujuy, AR.

This Maihueniopsis molfinoi SAR 13432 nearly at the top of Abra del Acay at an altitude of ~4750 m is the highest growing cactus, that we have ever seen.

At this close-up view the segments can be recognized very well.

There are very nice specimens of Maihueniopsis molfinoi near Iturbe, AR.

This specimen of Maihueniopsis molfinoi on the altiplano south of Antofagsta de la Sierra shows evident signs of dehidration.