About us

We, that’s Elisabeth and Norbert Sarnes from Eschweiler in the Rhine-area, Germany.

The cultivation of cacti is our mutual hobby since we have lived together. At first the plants deorated our window sills, later the balcony and rather soon they conquered our garden. In the course of time our interests for genera and priorities changed.

After our first travel to Patagonia in 2004 we travelled to Southamerica each year to study the plants in habitat. Santiago turned to be the startingpoint for our trips.
We focussed mainly on the genera Austrocactus, Pterocactus, Maihuenia and Maihueniopsis.

As the import and export of plants is forbidden – which we think is right – photography grew quite naturally to be another hobby. Other cactus lovers take advantage of this, as these photos are the basis of plenty of talks at home and abroad.

Apart from these talks we also published our observations and thoughts in specialist journals and two books.