Maihueniopsis camachoi

Maihueniopsis camachoi was described by Espinosa as Opuntia camachoi in 1933.

Maihueniopsis camachoi SAR 11161 near Cuesta del Diablo, Chile

When recombining the species to the genus Maihueniopsis, Ritter goes very closely into the – rather insignificant – differences to Maihueniopsis atacamensis.

Fruit of the plant shown above.

This is the flower of Maihueniopsis camachoi SAR 1172 from the Rio Purifico, north of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

North and south of San Pedro de Atacama Maihueniopsis camachoi is a predominant plant of the landscape.

Field with Maihueniopsis camachoi SAR 16151 near Socaire, Chile.

The spination of the plants near Socaire is impressive.

The flowers resemble those of the plants from the Rio Purifico.

According to Ritter these plants from about 130 km northeast of Copiapo along the road to the Salar de Maricunga are also Maihueniopsis camachoi.

Maihueniopsis camachoi ? SAR 1331 at an altitude of more than 3000 m.

However, the flowers of this species, which we could see at a later visit (SAR 13981) differ from those near the Rio Purifico or from Socaire.