Species (taxa) of the genus Maihueniopsis

Maihueniopsis archiconoidea
Maihueniopsis atacamensis
Maihueniopsis camachoi
Maihueniopsis colorea
Maihueniopsis conoidea
Maihueniopsis crassispina
Maihueniopsis darwinii
Maihueniopsis domeykoensis
Maihueniopsis glochidiata
Maihueniopsis glomerata
Maihueniopsis grandiflora
Maihueniopsis hickenii
Maihueniopsis leoncito
Maihueniopsis mandragora
Maihueniopsis minuta
Maihueniopsis molfinoi
Maihueniopsis ovata
Maihueniopsis platyacantha
Maihueniopsis reicheana
Maihueniopsis tarapacana
Maihueniopsis wagenknechtii

You may perhaps miss taxa like Maihueniopsis clavarioides or Maihueniopsis bonnieae. For us, these two do not belong to Maihueniopsis. One of them has meanwhile been combined to Tephrocactus bonnieae and for the other one we prefer the name of Puna clavarioides, as we think that relationship based only on DNA analysis is too weak as a characteristic where there are so many morphological differences.

It cannot be proved, whether all of the above mentioned taxa can be kept up. But “in dubio pro reo”.


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