Maihueniopsis conoidea

This species was described by Backeberg in 1958 as Tephrocactus conoideus and recombined by F. Ritter in 1980 to Maihueniopsis conoidea.

This picture was taken at the type locality, Baños de Puritama, Chile.

This Maihueniopsis conoidea SAR 16141 also grows near the Baños de Puritama, Chile.

Typical Maihueniopsis conoidea from the Rio Purifico, Chile

These plants are much more difficult to assign to Maihueniopsis conoidea.

Maihueniopsis aff. conoidea SAR 16132 from the Quebrada Chita, Chile

Flowers of the plants from the Quebrada Chita.


Maihueniopsis aff. conoidea SAR 16161 close to the Laguna Miscanti, Chile

Flower of Maihueniopsis aff. conoidea SAR 16161.

Further examinations are also essential for these plants.