Maihueniopsis crassispina

This plant was described by F. Ritter in 1980. The type locality is the Quebrada Maitencillo, west of Vallenar in Chile.

Maihueniopsis crassispina SAR 14061 near the Mina Algarrobo, Chile

This picture does not only show the flower but also the extremely strong spination of Maihueniopsis crassispina.

This specimen of Maihueniopsis crassispina SAR 16421 is fresh green. We saw it end of 2017 on our way from Vallenar to the Mina Algarrobo.

There is a bad road which leads from the Mina Algarrobo southwards directly to the locations of Maihueniopsis domeykoensis. All along the way you can see such plants. Thus, we can talk of a continuous population. We are very sure that the two names cannot be kept on a long term.