Maihueniopsis darwinii

This species was described by Henslow in 1837, based on material that Ch. Darwin had collected during his travel through Southamerica near Puerto Deseado, Santa Cruz, Argentina.

This Maihueniopsis darwinii SAR 4121 from Tellier, Santa Cruz, AR might look like the plants, that Darwin had found only few kilometres further near Puerto Deseado.

This Maihueniopsis darwinii SAR 8724 from the shores of the Rio Chico, Santa Cruz, AR, shows a spination that is unusually strong for this species.

Maihueniopsis darwinii SAR 8911 in the neighbourhood of the probably most visited locality of the species near the Cueva de los Manos, Santa Cruz, AR.

There are not only hundreds of plants. There can also be taken pictures of the plants as well as of the flowers most easily.