Maihueniopsis hickenii

The first description was made in 19191 by Britton & Rose under the name Opuntia hickenii. The type plant originated from Puerto Madryn, Chubut, AR.

This Maihueniopsis hickenii SAR 8521 from Trelew, Chubut, AR grows only some kilometres away from the type location.

It is always fascinating to see the enormous spines compared to the size of the segments.

Maihueniopsis hickenii SAR 14391 nearLos Menucos, Rio Negro, AR.

From all Maihueniopsis the plants from here have the broadest spines. This is why many people erroneously call them M. platyacantha only from an interpretation of this name.

The intensive orange-red flowers of this plant make them a real favourite.

In exceptional cases some plants, like this Maihueniopsis hickenii SAR 14581 near Norquinco, Rio Negro, AR, can make clusters of more than 1 m across.